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About Us
We are experienced breeders of large breed dogs.  We became attached to the Great Dane in the early 90's and carefully selected our Sire and Dam over a period of 5-years.  Brutus Von Laird comes from Dinro breeding in the New England area.  He was welped in 1996, and has had a history of good health, free of hereditary problems consistent with his ancestry.

We acquired Bambi Von Laird in Texas through the reputable Hogcreek Kennel and Lamar Dane breeders.  She comes from the Sudz, and Ragz Champion line, and carries many of their traits.  She was welped in 1999, and also has had a history of good health, free of hereditary problems.

There are 16 Champions in three generations between our Sire and Dam.  We are pleased to say that our recent pups have carried the strong characteristics of each line, conforming to all AKC standards.

We take pride in providing the finest Great Dane pups for new owners.  We carefully select new owners after interviews, and considering the home and care they will provide.  We continue our commitment long after our pups make their way to their new homes.  We provide information on health and general care to new owners as needed throughout their dogs years.  

 Brutus Head Structure                       Bambi Head Structure